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Crude Assays
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Crude Name Assay Date API° Sulphur Download  


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ALVHEIM BLEND 05 Sep 13 34.90.17Download a Excel file
BRENT 03 Oct 06 38.10.42Download a Excel file
CONDENSATE F3FB 07 Jun 99 63.60.01Download a Excel file
CONDENSATE SNOHVIT 08 Apr 11 61.20.02Download a Excel file
EKOFISK 21 May 14 39.90.18Download a Excel file
FORTIES 24 May 14 37.30.85Download a Excel file
OSEBERG 01 Jan 10 37.80.25Download a Excel file Download a PDF file
TROLL 05 Jan 11 35.90.15Download a Excel file Download a PDF file

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