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  A major player in the international oil markets  
  Activities in 120 countries
7 offices worldwide
A team of 500 professionals around the world
TOTAL OIL TRADING FLOWS: a diversity of suppliers, a variety of customers
 One of the most active players in the international oil markets
  We have built a vast network of customers and suppliers worldwide, enabling us to trade on a daily basis with national oil companies, producers, other oil majors, refiners, traders, distributors and end-users.

We actively trade most crude grades and nearly all qualities of refined products, from high sulphur cracked fuel oil to gasoline components.

We have developed a set of trading strategies and expertise, which allows us to respond permanently to market changes and opportunities.

Through our commitment to the oil markets, we have become a major player in all their various aspects: physical, futures and derivatives.
 Activities in 120 countries, with 7 offices worldwide
  Our customers represent all categories of oil market participants and cover a wide spectrum of industries (transportation, utilities, manufacturing industries…).

They are spread over the five continents. In order to be close to them and to provide them with the best service, we have set up 7 offices, in Europe, America and Asia.
Geneva, Singapore and Houston are the main trading offices.
 A large diversity of supply sources
  We have developed close and long-lasting partnerships with a number of producers, national companies and refiners from all continents.

These partnerships bring us valuable complements of supply flows in addition to the large equity crude oil and refined products we manage for the Total system.
 A profound knowledge of refiner’s needs
  We provide a complete service to several refining companies, aimed at optimizing their economics.

We help them cope with their short and long term risks and imbalances, by proposing diversified solutions, such as supply contracts including various and flexible pricing mechanisms.

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