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  Accurate market intelligence  
  Real time data processing for a continuous market update  
 24-hours-a-day market coverage and information from the Total
  affiliates network  
  Our trading offices enable us to cover the market permanently as they take over from each other during the course of the day.

Through our affiliates worldwide network, we benefit from a comprehensive source of reliable market information. We are permanently updated on the evolution of local markets. We are able to take fast and appropriate action to respond to sudden changes.
 A unique exchange of information with trading partners, main
  producers, large energy consumers and leading energy experts  
  Due to the number and the variety of partners we deal with and the broad cross-section of our customers and suppliers, we collate abundant external information, which enriches our internal market coverage.  
 Extensive energy data processing for a continuous market
  Our market intelligence, through our various information channels, enables us to update real-time databases, which support daily trading decisions.

We feed our research teams with the information needed to produce regular reports analyzing energy fundamentals.

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