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  Selective and competitive shipping  
  Safety, environment and sustainable development are a constant preoccupation for Total
 5 years : average age of our time-chartered vessels’ fleet
10 years : average age of world tankers’ fleet
 A comprehensive vision of the market
  Our shipping is in charge of the entire Group’s physical cargoes transportation, as far as crude oil and refined products are concerned. It also offers the trading department a full spectrum of maritime transport services necessary for its performance.
The respective shipping and trading teams are clearly integrated.

Fulfilling these tasks implies a wide coverage and an active presence in all shipping markets, from crude tankers to refined products carrying vessels of all sizes. Our chartering teams conclude more than 3,000 contracts of carriage each year, and, at any given time, have more than one hundred vessels on charter (sixty of them on time-charter).
 A balanced fleet
  We maintain a flexible approach to chartering, based on long term, medium term and short term time-charters, and on a spot charter fleet which responds to the short-notice requirements. All chartered vessels strictly respect quality requirements which are considered to be among the most severe within the industry.  
 A maximum security requirement
  Safety and environment are all important for TOTAL. Strict requirements have been set with a view to increasing transportation safety. We are committed to a policy of not chartering crude oil or petroleum products tanker vessels over 20 years of age.

We are pursuing a dynamic policy in order to modernize our fleet: the average age of a vessel in our time-chartered vessels’ fleet is now 5 years, one of the lowest in our industry.

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